Focused on your vision

We know your business

When it comes to understanding your customers and the customer journey, a jack-of-all-trades marketer isn’t going to be your best option. And that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the pack: our deep industry and functional expertise. Our subject-area specialists across our Practice Groups bring years of hands-on experience in specific industries and functional areas—and can hit the ground running on any project.

Technology Marketing

We’ve launched hundreds of products and services in international markets since 1996, giving us a global perspective on the marketplace and street cred in the industry.From start-ups to industry brands, we understand how to differentiate your offering from the competition.

Our team has the experience in information/network/data security, ITO, CRM, networking, gaming, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing. This experience and credibility helps us get results fast. Within 30 days, we helped a Silicon Valley software company achieve:

  • $5 million in publicity value
  • More than 6 million impressions and greater than 300 media mentions
  • ROI of 4,853% over three months

IT Outsourcing & Business Process Outsourcing

For nearly a decade, international BPO companies have trusted us to strengthen value propositions, creatively convey unique market positioning, and develop messaging themes for marketing communications. Serving many of the top 20 global BPO service providers, ITO providers, and other teleservices companies and call center technology providers, Ad Hoc is a domain expert delivering creative and winning product strategies.

Our most recent success was helping a $6 billion BPO company become one of the first global outsourcers to incorporate all aspects of the call center customer lifecycle—sales, service and analytics—into a single social CRM solution which is slated to produce $25 million in revenue in the next three years. We helped another global BPO secure a new, multi-million dollar contract with the largest cable company in North America, and fill its pipeline with potential new business prospects projected at $10-$20 million.

Customer Experience/Customer Management

Our seasoned Customer Experience practice team helps leading brands and CE outsourcing companies optimize touch points to improve customer dialogue, increase productivity and reduce cost.

We develop customer experience programs, make sense of big data, and deliver a comprehensive roadmap for implementation success using technology, marketing analytics, and consulting. Our clients benefit from:

  • Improved operations up- and downstream from the contact center
  • A customer-centric culture
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • A measurable boost to their brand
  • A leg up on the competition

Financial Services Marketing

Our B2B Financial Services Marketing Group has successfully marketed insurance, accounts receivable management services, electronic funds transfer companies, credit card authorization and processing firms, on-line bill paying and presentment offerings, and bank security systems services.

We implemented a global B2B marketing strategy for an enterprise e-payments software company; generated publicity for banking software that enabled the first shared Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network for the Dalian Credit Card Network of China; marketed banking software that enabled the first U.S. stored-value smart card deployment; and set the public relations strategy for several home banking software initiatives.

Healthcare IT/Biotechnology

We have provided national press outreach, product launches, and Wall Street analyst tours to international health and life sciences companies and drug discovery and development companies. We also serve medical device manufacturers and laboratory information management systems firms.

Internal Communications

Communicating like a company insider, Ad Hoc’s Internal Communications Practice Group helps owners, corporate communications departments, and human resources address sensitive issues like M&A employee and location integration, unionization and downsizing. Working together, we articulate leaders’ vision to employees at headquarters and in far-flung branch offices. We can also develop company-wide employee incentive campaigns to increase motivation and revenue.

For example, our team managed the pre- and post-acquisition communications for a client’s multi-million dollar acquisition of a European company. We served as project manager for the internal and external deal disclosure communications, client meetings, and employee town hall communications. Post-acquisition, we mapped a strategic plan to integrate the acquired company’s brand, marketing programs and messaging, and sales presentations, and served as the tactical implementers of that integration to preserve the culture, brand equity and client trust of the acquired company in the region. We continue to oversee and guide the marketing activities to ensure consistent and correct messaging is delivered to internal and external parties.

Communications, Media, and Entertainment

Through the years, we’ve represented a variety of hardware, software, and infrastructure players in the communications industry, as well as international media and entertainment developers and publishers in Europe, India, and the United States. We launched the first 3-D Bruce Lee martial arts fighting game developed for the Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone. We also worked with several U.S. and European game developers, localizing game scripts and providing professional services