David Andrews

David Andrews

Business Development Specialist, Europe

With over 20 years of experience in B2B sales, business development and marketing, David has a strong track record in helping businesses grow significantly in their chosen markets. With the Ad Hoc team, David offers European market penetration planning for every stage – from target audience definition to setting up the first sales visits and signing the first contracts.

His career began in information technology and has encompassed all aspects of IT, outsourcing and consulting markets. In recent years he has worked with private and public firms alike to help them to grow existing business lines, enter new markets or to improve the performance of their sales & marketing teams.

David understands the dynamic of selling directly, selling through partners and the value of nurturing the business eco system to generate leads. In particular he enjoys the challenge of helping the underdog to ‘punch above their weight’ so they can compete against the market leaders.

David has an honours degree in Business & Finance.